Top 7 Things I Learned From A Month On the Road



  1. What you think are “essentials” are things you most likely won’t need. Making a list of everything I thought I’d need was definitely a good idea, but as the days went by I realized I was only using maybe half of what I’d brought with me. The rest was taking up precious space (something you definitely want when you’re car camping). Once I realized this, I began to declutter my life both on the road and as soon as I got back. In all aspects of your life, what you think you need is more often than not different than what you actually need.
  2. Organization is key. I mean this both physically with how your living space (i.e. my car) is organized, and also mentally (how you think about and handle certain situations). Life is sooo much less stressful when your organization skills allow you to have a clear space and a clear head.
  3. The majority of people have good intentions. Before I left on my trip, I can’t tell you how many times family members and friends told me they thought I was crazy for being a young woman wanting to take a trip all by myself. They were actually surprised when I came back and told them about all the amazing people I met who became instant friends. There was a semi-bad egg or two, sure, but the amount of genuinely good-hearted, awesome people more than outweighed the “bad”. People are generally kinder than we give them credit for.
  4. Learn to trust yourself. There will be times when you are the only person you have to rely on. When you really think about it, you are going through life relying on yourself. Whether it’s trusting that your parents will take care of you when you’re younger, having a plan for when they won’t, and moving on with your life as you grow older, you are in total control of your life. Which brings me to my next point…
  5. Life is really simple. If you want to do something, do it. Regardless of what other people think. This recurring thought really hit home for me while I was on the road. In the end, it’s your life not theirs. At the end of most people’s lives, they regret the things they didn’t do more than the things they did. Don’t waste all your time planning to do something, and then realizing the planning was actually a distraction from actually doing what you set out to do in the first place.
  6. Figuring out who you are and what you want is an ever-changing, ongoing process. You can’t just expect to take one massive trip and have it give you all the answers to life’s big questions. That’s why you take multiple ones 😉 All the new experiences you have chip away all the BS and help you find the true core of who you really are. It’s a beautiful process, and you shouldn’t rush it!
  7. Fear has no place in living an awesome life. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. Hopefully, that should sound familiar. Although there will be times in life when you think this isn’t true, and there is actually a lot to fear, remember that fear deserves no attention. Fear lives in the future. It holds us back from all the good that can come into our lives, just by being present in our heads. When we take a step back and view things from an outside perspective, fear should not even exist. The vast majority of the stuff we spend so much time worrying about and/or fearing has a neutral or positive outcome. Change your brain, change your life.




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