Summer Fun Drink!

So first of all, I have to admit, I’m not much of a drinker. The couple of years I had with alcohol in college were probably enough to last a lifetime. However, I still enjoy the occasional night out and drink every now and then, and I get probably more excited than I should be about finding new drink recipes. Since summertime is officially upon us, I figured I would share this recipe for “Hippie Juice” (I also just love the name haha)!

This makes a pretty decent amount (enough for a large mason jar), and is SUPER yummy. But, be careful, it sneaks up on you…

“Hippie Juice”

1 cup watermelon vodka

1/3 cup triple sec

1/3 cup coconut Malibu rum

4 scoops pink lemonade mix (it’s good with normal lemonade too!)

Strawberries (to blend in and/or garnish the final creation)

1 TBSP lemon juice (I added some actual lemon as a garnish as well)

ICE!! If you’re like me, you will most likely need ice to water it down a little bit. The lemonade mix surprisingly takes a lot of the bit out though!


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