Advice On: Sticking To It!

Lately, I’ve been so overwhelmed with my insane work schedule that i’ve forgotten to take care of the things that mean the most to me: music, food, and yoga. We all have those activities or hobbies that we absolutely LOVE to do. But we can never seem to find the time to stick with them after beginning our “adult” lives of working 40+ hours a week to pay for a roof over our heads and food in our more-easily-expanded bellies.

When it comes to vegetarianism, at least for me, the same thing seems to happen. We get so busy, we forget to slow down and really savor the process of becoming a healthier, happier person. In the meantime we’re sacrificing healthy, whole foods for quick, processed junk.

Now, no one is perfect. Don’t take this advice post as a shame-shame if you occasionally slip up (we all do at some point or another). But the point is to not give up just because you miss one meal, or one practice, or one day of doing something that helps you keep a healthy lifestyle!

When you make this kind of sacrifice (i.e. messing up one meal because you were late to work), you really have to remember why you got into vegetarianism or veganism in the first place. Was it to lose weight and get healthy? Help the environment? Save the animals? All of these are more than enough reason to take the plunge, but you really need to focus on your initial enthusiasm and what made you want to commit in the first place to keep going and make it a lifestyle.

If you’re thinking, sure I can do that, but what if I’m sacrificing the time I could be using for work or other more “important” things? Your diet and lifestyle (and commitment to vegetarianism or veganism if that’s why your here) are just like your hobbies and passions – they are necessities for living. Committing to a healthier diet, one that really makes you feel good about who you are and your place in the world, just like playing music with your friends or making time for your yoga mat every day, helps you feel better about you. The world needs more people that feel good about themselves. Taking care of yourself first is the best way to start making drastic positive changes in the world!

Remember this, and you will think twice about stopping for fast food on the way home from work. The best thing you can do for yourself – and your work, family, friends, and, let’s face it, the WORLD – is to really take care of you.


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